Introducing Serve The People

The committee has produced its first issue of Serve The People, our official grassroots monthly newsletter, made by and for the workers who create the tourism industry in New Orleans. We’re the ones who cook the food that tourists eat, make the beds that they sleep in and bike them around the quarter. We check them in, do their dishes, play them music, serve them drinks and clean up the mess they leave behind.

These tourists do spend their money for the “experience”-- lots of money. At least 7.5 billion dollars per year. And still most of us are poor and overworked, barely making ends meet. We have to stress about everything: bad public transportation, high rent and bills, regular flooding. It has a huge negative effect on our physical and mental health, but most of us don’t even have reliable access to medical care- let alone paid sick days.

With all of these problems and more: you are not alone. There are around ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND HOSPITALITY WORKERS IN NEW ORLEANS.

We are all different in our specific circumstances. There is inequality among the workers in this industry-- between different genders, different races, and different legal status. But the majority of us live in a similar reality: the reality of poverty.

The newsletter exists to report on these realities. If we are ever going to have the power that we deserve in our city and at our jobs, we need to spread an understanding of the on-the-ground realities of the tourism industry from our perspective: the workers perspective.

For this reason, we will use the newsletter to connect hospitality workers with an awareness of their shared struggles. We will spread this throughout the city, to as many workplaces as possible, to link the workers of New Orleans. We hope that one day the workers of New Orleans will march together for a better future-- one band, one sound.

Want a copy of the Newsletter? A committee member can deliver a copy directly to you for free. You can also catch us in the French Quarter distributing Newsletters once a week. Want us to drop of newsletters directly to you and your co workers on break? contact us, we'll meet you! Every newsletter will feature workers correspondences (reports of issues/abuse in the workplace) which can be submitted anonymously, reach out via email if you'd like to submit a workers correspondence.