New Orleans Peoples' Assembly & NOHWC

We are a branch off of the New Orleans Peoples' Assembly and are dedicated to organizing the workers of New Orleans. We believe that the organization of workers will directly benefit our communities and our work places. We work closely with the Peoples' Assembly to make this 10 Point Platform a reality. The Peoples' Assembly acknowledges that the 88,000 restaurant and hotel workers make up a huge percentage of the population and that the hospitality industry is an essential part of the economy. Two points of the 10 Point Platform directly support our ongoing struggle with the RTA and our Hospitality Workers Bill of Rights. Check out the 10 Point Platform below and come out on September 2nd!

1) Year-long Jobs, Recreation, Mental Health Services for Youth and Adults, and an Adult Public Jobs Program of at least 10,000 Public Jobs with Livable wages of NO less than $15/hour

2) Rent Control and a Roll Back on Taxes, Pre-Katrina Levels for Households Under $75,000

3) 100% Funded Relocation of Gordon Plaza Residents Who Live on Life Threatening Toxic Land that is too Dangerous for Human Life. Most Environmental Issues are Human Made and Must Be Corrected and Prevented

4) “The Hospitality Workers Bill of Rights” to be City Approved and Honored in Practice

5) Full Funding and Building of 40,000 Homes for Former Residents of New Orleans Pushed Out of the City by the Aftermath of Katrina

6) Fully Funded, Quality Community Controlled Public Schools

7) Improved and Timely 24 Hour RTA Bus Routes, especially in New Orleans East and Algiers, with Improved Bus Stops that Provide Adequate Seating and Protection from Inclement Weather, Along Pot-hole Free Streets

8) Full Funding or Building of 100 (24 Hour) Community Based Child Care Centers Across the City

9) New Orleans to Serve as Official Sanctuary City, so that ALL Residents Are Safe from ALL Forms of State Sanctioned Violence, or Deportations, and Where Traffic/Profiling Cameras Are Abolished

10) Full Accountability (Includes Consent Decree) for ALL Police Who Operate in Orleans Parish