A Small Victory!

Every victory must be celebrated!

The RTA has agreed to start the Night Owl at 2am instead of 1am, giving workers an additional hour to take their normal bus routes to the East (note that the Night Owl consolidates three bus routes into one).

In addition, they changed the bus routes at night so that the Elysian Fields bus (#55) links up to the Broad Street bus (#94). This is a more viable option for workers in the French Quarter who must commute to the East.

We are happy that some workers are able to get home a little faster, but will continue to fight until the following demands are met:

1.) We need buses that come every fifteen minutes day and night.
2.) We need more routes and for these routes to be geographically expanded. Stop consolidating the routes at night.
3.) We need more bus stops in the downtown area or free shuttle services so that people do not have to walk a long distance, take a taxi, or have to get rides from friends and family.
4.) We need a response time for when you will get back to us with a revised plan that meets the needs of hospitality workers.