Get Involved


The New Orleans Hospitality Worker Committee meets on a weekly basis and is actively involved in events throughout the community. Are you a hospitality worker looking to get involved in our movement? 


Join the Committee!

We meet every Monday at 7pm to discuss current issues and to plan how we can create a better life for hospitality workers and the community they support. Jump over to our Contact page and hit us up if you'd like to become a member. All hospitality workers are welcome.


Participate in Outreach!

We are a new movement and are actively trying to spread the word of our existence and purpose throughout the city. There is also the goal that our outreach will allow us to meet other hospitality workers who would like to become a part of the committee. Outreach typically consists of speaking with workers and providing them with our literature. 

Sign the Petition! 

We are demanding for City Council & Mayor Landrieu to pass the Work Week Ordinance:



Everyone on the committee is currently working in or has previously worked in the New Orleans hospitality industry. Being a committee member is not a paid position. All donations go towards printing costs, rent, and utilities. Everything is appreciated.